This blog is about Me, My Life, Love , Art, Fashion & Other Stuff.

I am nobody famous but me. A creative guy.

This blog was originally born in 2005, it run on Windows Live until 2010. It used to chronicles my life through pictures, thoughts and funny stories. In January 2011 became a very detailed Diary about things i like: Love, Art, Travels, Fashion & all the rest. This blog is a now a Diary mostly dedicated to Travel, Books and to my life.

I am Michele Moricci, Freelance Designer based in Pistoia – Italy. In Love with Art, Travels and Fashion. Passionate about enjoying life and its creative point of view.

Questo Blog parla di me, della mia vita, dell’amore, d’arte, moda e molto altro.

Io non sono famoso, non sono altro che me stesso. Un tipo creativo. 

Questo blog nato originariamente nel 2005 è andato avanti su Windows Live fino al 2010 con lo scopo di raccontare la mia vita attraverso immagini, pensieri e storie divertenti. Nel Gennaio 2011 divenne un dettagliatissimo diario delle cose che amo: Amore, Arte, Viaggi, Moda e tutto il resto. Questo Blog è divenuto un Diario dedicato al viaggio, ai libri e alla mia vita.

Io sono Michele Moricci, Freelance Designer, vivo a Pistoia – Italia. Amo l’arte, i viaggi e la moda. Appassionato della vita e del suo punto di vista creativo.







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7 pensieri riguardo “THIS BLOG

  1. Wow! I love your Diana Ross painting! I would LOVE to buy the print – if you’re selling and hang it on my wall. It’s the best drawing I’ve seen of her yet!

  2. Hi Michele,

    My name is Martine and I stumbled upon your blog and LOVED your illustrations of our model Jacky. We featured your blog on our tumblr as inspiration with a little blurb about you and link back to your website. Hope this is alright with you. I couldn’t find an email address on your website, so hopefully this comment finds you well. If you have any questions, concerns or would just like to reply, please email me back at

    Thank you! And looking forward to seeing more beautiful illustrations from you.


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