WEBTALKS | Lizzy Caplan x “Viva Vena!”


“When i am alone i like to pretend i’m in a movie.The kind of movie i quite don’t understand. Sometimes i think to myself in french and listen to old records from the 60’s, they are a way better than most stuff today, more authentic.  I’ve been writing a lot as well, i haven’t posted anything recently because my guy friend is good at computers is helping me reformat my blog and soon i’ll be starting my own band with a friend plays based keyboards, i deejay sometimes but i am lucky my close circle of friends are so inspiring and successful too. We are not competing at all.  I like to collect things i am good at it. I just make my art, collage, performance, i’ve been so busy learning about life, about me… what will i be remembered for? what will i find? will have time to explore…?    

– What the fuck ‘re you doing?  

– i’ve been in fashion art film!

– It’s a commericial, com’on i get you a coffee, let’s go… Come on. Are you all right?

– Yeah yeah i am good, thank you for the coffee.   – it’s five bucks….”

Matthew Frost dirige la splendida Lizzy Caplan in questa pubblicità per il brand “Viva Vena!”. In un immaginifico ritaglio di quotidianità da fashion blogger, Lizzy Caplan, ritrae perfettamente la presuntuosa onniscienza della categoria, da scrittrice ad artista, da musicista a icona anni 60. L’arrivo di un’amica segna risveglio torbido e disincantato della povera Fashion Blogger visionaria. Viva Vena, brand firmato dalle sorelle Vena Cava, è una linea di abbigliamento femminile con un mood spontaneo, originale e neo-vintage. 

English/ Matthew Frost directs the gorgeous Lizzy Caplan in this commercial for “Viva Vena!” In an imaginary clipping from fashion blogger’s everyday life, Lizzy Caplan, perfectly portrays the arrogant omniscience of the category, from writer to artist, from musician to 60’s icon. The arrival of a friend marks the turbid and disenchanted awakening of the poor visionary Fashion Blogger. Viva Vena, is a brand Vena Cava brand signed by Vena Cava’s sister, is a women’s clothing line with a spontaneous, original and neo-vintage mood .



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